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21 Sep 2020
The oldest whisky is over 150 years old
The 400ml bottle of Glenavon Special Liqueur Whisky holds the Guinness World Record for being the World's Oldest Whisky. It is rumoured to be packaged in between 1851 and 1858 and was owned by an Irish family till it was auctioned off to Bonhams in London and fetched a staggering £14,850.
21 Sep 2020
The word whisky means 'water of life'
Whisky comes from the Gaelic word which reads ‘uisge beathe ’, which translates as ‘water of life’. It later came to be pronounced as ' uski' , which then turned into whisky! Need we say more?
21 Sep 2020
We spell Scottish and Canadian whisky without the e and the others as whiskey
To 'e' or not to 'e', that is the difference! When it comes to spelling, only refer to Scottish/Scotch whisky or Canadian whisky without the ‘e.' If its origins are rooted elsewhere, opt for whiskey.
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